Imam Ali

Imam Ali

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Syamille Agrofarm Resort,
Kati, Perak
16-17 Sep 2012

This is the second time we went to Syamille.
This time we came with two cars and invite our family friend a french girl, Anais.

We just enjoyed the peaceful and serene environment, this place is a combination of Islamic school, Goat's farm, Deer Farm, Bee farm, Durian orchard, tranquille abode in the midst of Tropical jungle located in the foot of a hill.

We took two units of large suites with two queen beds for each suite, therefore one suite can sleep 4 pax comfortably. Each suite costs around USD 70 per nite (no breakfast).
One unique feature of the resort is most of buidings are made of timber railway slippers which gives its semblance of Cowboy town charm.

What can I say... the place is so peaceful, we really don't need any modern day gadget or media, we just talk and talk till the wee hours...we felt so consumed by our conversation and the sound of water flowing makes such a serene background.
First we visit the deer farm just 10 metres from our suites, Anais really had that touch with animals...then we walked up to the goat farm and we were greeted by 3 lovely, healthy and playful goats with their adorable keeper.

 The baby goat even licked Anais's arm, she said its because of the taste of salt from the sweat.

 Then we head for Kati town about 5 minutes car ride for a quick breakfast at a local stall.

The town was really quite....well you could walk and roam the whole town in less than 12-13 minutes. We took a simple breakfast of Roti Canai and some village delicacies.

 Then we went uphill on a jungle trekking for about 25 minutes to reach Lata Perahu waterfall. 

The insect below is called Pill Millipede ("Glomeris Marginata"), when threatened it rolls into a tight ball. It was so nice to be rewarded with cool bath after a sweltering jungle trekking. One funny mishap was when Anais had a shock-attack when she realised that a lynch was quietly festing on her feet...ha ha can't forget that!

 Then we packed and trekked back to the resort.

We then visited the open Bee farm, it seems that the Kelulut bee ("Trigona Itama") is a stingless bee and therefore not at all a risk to human.

 Then we packed and checked out to leave the lovely resort.

 Our next destination before home was Gua Tempurung.

 That's all for our journey and holiday to Syamille Agrofarm.

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